Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty Review

Three Wishes

The Last Anniversary

Big Little Lies

Truly Madly Guilty 2

Plot Outline

Sam and Clementine have a busy life with two young daughters. Sam has just started a new job and Clementine is preparing for a big music audition. Clementine’s oldest friend invites them to a BBQ at Tiffany and Vid’s house. But something happens at the BBQ that leaves them wondering if they should have ever gone to the BBQ.

My Opinion 

Whilst I did enjoy this book I didn’t think it was as good as the other Liane Moriarty books that I have read. I am a huge fan of Liane Moriarty’s books and I will always check out what she brings out. I think that she is very good at creating realistic characters and writes a good mystery. I didn’t really connect with any of the characters in this book which is a shame as I usually think that Liane creates really good characters. Although there was a mystery in this book I found the reveal to be very anti-climatic and not as shocking as some of her other books. Once again Liane tackled some difficult topics including alcoholism, infertility, and hoarding and I think that she handles these topics really well. I think the synopsis is a little misleading as it makes out that the plot is more dramatic than it is. Overall I would give this a 3.5 as it didn’t live up to some of her other books.

I received from Net Galley. 

4 Stars

Kirsty xoxo

The Unlikely Hero Of Room 13B By Teresa Toten Review

The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B

Plot Outline 

Adam is part of a support group for teenagers suffering from OCD. When he meets Robyn he wants to be with her but he has a lot to deal with in his life and he is not sure if he can add a relationship to the mix.

My Opinion

I picked this book up from the library on a whim. I hadn’t heard anything about it but it sounded interesting as it deals with mental health and I am trying to read more books from this genre. It took me quite awhile to get into this book. Unfortunately, the romance plays a big part in the book and I wasn’t a fan of the relationship as it happened too quickly and didn’t seem very believable. I thought that the portrayal of OCD seemed quite realistic although I don’t know too much about it. It didn’t feel over dramatised as it often is in books. Although I did not like the romance I did like the main character Adam. He had to deal with so much and I felt sympathetic to his situation. The author did a good job of making the characters feel very realistic. Overall I liked this book but I do think that the relationship lets it down which is why I gave it 3 stars. I would like to check out some of the author’s books. I am interested in reading Beware That Girl as it is a YA thriller and that is a genre that I enjoy reading but haven’t read many books from it.

3 Stars

Kirsty xoxo

Top 5 Wednesday: Authors You Want To Read More From


This week’s topic is authors that we want to read more from. This is authors that we have read a couple of books from and really want to see more from them. If you want to check out the Goodreads group then the link is here.


Jodi Picoult- I really enjoyed My Sister’s Keeper I thought that it was really well written and I am looking forward to reading more from the author. I own quite a few of her books but the one I am most looking forward to is The Storyteller.


Kelley Armstrong- I have read quite a few of Kelley’s books but she has so many that I thought I would include her on this list as I have barely made a dent on her books. I would really like to finish the Women of the Otherworld series, the Darkest Powers trilogy and the Cainsville series. There are also a number of series and standalones that I would love to get to.

Poison Study

Maria V. Snyder- I read the Study trilogy last year which is part of the Chronicles of Ixia series which I would really like to finish. I also want to check out the Healer trilogy.

The Idea of You

Amanda Prowse- I only recently read The Idea of You but I really enjoyed it. I thought that Amanda dealt with a difficult topic really well. Amanda has loads of books out and I can’t wait to check them out.

Me Before You

Jojo Moyes- I read Me Before You and After You and I really enjoyed them. I would love to read more from Jojo Moyes. I have her collection of short stories (Paris For One and Other stories), Sheltering Rain and The Ship of Brides and I am looking forward to checking them out.

What authors made it to your list?

Kirsty xoxo


The Sleeping Prince By Melinda Salisbury Review

The Sin Eater’s Daughter Review

The Sleeping Prince

Plot Outline 

Errin’s brother Lief disappeared and she is left to care for their sick mother. However, things are going to get even more difficult now that the Sleeping Prince is awake.

My Opinion 

I thought that this was a really good continuation of the series. At first, I found it a little confusing as we follow a completely different character in this book. Once I had got used to it I did find it quite interesting to follow a new character. We did get to see Twylla who was the main character in the first book but not until towards the end of the book. I liked Errin as she was a strong character who had to take on a lot of responsibility. I really enjoy reading about the world that Melinda has created, I like how she draws inspiration from folklore. I thought that the Sleeping Prince was a really good villain as he was sinister. I am really looking forward to see how the story concludes in The Scarecrow Queen.

4 Stars

Kirsty xoxo

April TBR

Today I am sharing with you the books that I plan to read in April. I’m not sure how much I will get read this month as it is a very busy month for me.

The Death Cure

The Death Cure by James Dashner- This is the third book in The Maze Runner series. I really enjoyed the two previous books so I am looking forward to see how the story progresses. I was meant to read this in March but only got a couple of chapters in so I really hope that I can get it finished this month.


The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord- This is Emery Lord’s latest novel and I am lucky enough to have received a copy from Net Galley. I read When We Collided last year which I was ok but I have really high hopes for this one.


King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard- This is the third book in the Red Queen series. Whilst I didn’t love Glass Sword I am interested to see what will happen in this book.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor- I managed to find the whole trilogy on Ebay for £3.79 so I had to pick it up. I am looking forward to reading this first book as I have heard so many good things about this trilogy.

Midnight Crossroad

Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris- I received this book for Christmas from my friend and I think it is about time that I read it. I believe this is is about vampires and I am really in the mood for a vampire book.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie- I am trying to read a classic each month and I have selected Peter Pan for this month. I have only ever seen the Disney film so I am looking forward to reading the book.

Kirsty xoxo

Me Before You Film Review

Me Before You Book Review

Me Before You

Me Before You was recently added to UNK Netflix which I was really happy about. I wasn’t able to see this in the cinema and I was planning to get the DVD as I really wanted to watch this film as I had enjoyed the book. I am glad that I finally got to see this as I really enjoyed it.


Louisa Clark lives in a small English town she moves from job to job and her life doesn’t really have any direction. She accepts a job as a career for Will Trainor and he will test her cheery personality. Will is bound to a wheelchair after an accident and he has given up on life as he is unable to do the things that he once could. Louisa will try to make him see the joy of living.

My Thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed the film and felt that it stayed true to the book. I thought that the film was really well cast, all the actors portrayed the characters really well and in a way that I had imagined them. I thought that Emilia and Sam did an excellent job portraying Louisa and Will. I felt that the film got across all of the main points from the book and although some details were left out (e.g. Will’s father’s affair) I didn’t feel that this affected the plot. Something that I would have liked is if certain scenes moved a bit slower. Everything seemed to happen really quickly in this film. The most emotional scenes felt a little rushed and I would have expected more time to be dedicated to these scenes. I liked the use of music in this film particularly Photograph by Ed Sheeran as I think that it is an emotional song and worked really well for this film.

Overall I really enjoyed this film and I would highly recommend it if you haven’t already seen it.

4 Stars

Kirsty xoxo



The Invasion Of The Tearling by Erika Johnson Review

The Queen of the Tearling Review

The Invasion of the Tearling

Plot Outline 

Kelsea is the young Queen of the Tearling and whilst trying to do something good she incurs the wrath of the Red Queen. The Red Queen’s armies are set to invade the Tearling and nothing will stop them.

My Opinion 

I thought that this was a fantastic sequel. I really enjoyed the first book but this was even better. We got to see a lot of development. Kelsea becomes very dark in this book and through her visions we are introduced to a new character called Lily. Lily lived before the Crossing and we get to find more information about the Crossing which I really enjoyed. Despite its length, I flew this book as it was so fast paced. There are a lot of twists and turns and so many secrets and questions that I hope will get answered in the last book.

5 Stars

Kirsty xoxo

April 2017 Releases

This month is really quiet in terms of book releases. There are only 3 books that I am interested in checking out this month.


Perfect by Cecelia Ahern- I really enjoyed reading Flawed last year and I am excited for the sequel. Flawed is a YA dystopian set in a world where everyone has to be perfect and if they aren’t they are branded as Flawed. I believe that this is going to be a duology so I am excited to see how the story will be wrapped up. -4th

Spindle Fire

Spindle by Lexa Hillyer- This is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. I am a huge fan of retellings so when I heard about this I added it straight to my TBR. Aurora’s sister Isabelle has to search for someone to wake Aurora from the sleeping curse. – 11th


Missing by Kelley Armstrong- I am a huge fan of Kelley Armstrong’s books so when I saw that she had a new book coming out I was really excited. This is a YA mystery set in a small town that the main character can’t wait to leave. She thinks that all the teens leave the town but when she finds a dead body she starts to believe that people haven’t left but gone missing. I don’t read too many mysteries so I am looking forward to checking this out.

What books are you excited for this month?

Kirsty xoxo

Top 5 Books I Read In Winter

Top 5 Books I Read in Winter

Today I thought I would share with you the top 5 books that I read this winter. For this post,  the books included are ones that I read in December, January or February. Over these 3 months, I read a total of 28 books. In this time I only gave one book 5 stars and twelve 4 star books.



Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys- I have read Ruta’s other books and really enjoyed them so I knew I would like this one. This is another book that is set during WW2. This book covered what happened to countries under the Soviet rule which is an area that I know very little about. I think that Ruta is really good at taking events that not many people know about and working them into her stories. This was a really powerful and emotional read and I would highly recommend it.


A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard– This book follows two characters who struggle with communicating; one is deaf and the other a selective mute. Whilst they find it difficult to communicate with others they can easily talk to each other using BSL. I really enjoyed this book and I thought that the characters and the situation felt realistic.


Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard- This book is all about friendship and I really enjoyed reading it. I liked how all the characters felt really realistic. I am really looking forward to reading more from Sara in the future.


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by  Lewis Carroll- After reading Heartless I really want to read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as that was Marissa Meyer’s inspiration. I really enjoyed this book the world that Carroll has created is truly bonkers but I loved it.


Room by Emma Donoghue- I thought that this was a really well written emotional read. It is told from the POV of a five-year old which I found really interesting and I thought that it worked well for the story.


Kirsty xoxo