Pretty Little Liars Finale Review (Spoilers)

Pretty Little Liars Finale

As the majority of you will be aware the Pretty Little Liars finale aired last week. I have been watching this show for 7 years and it is now all over and I wanted to share my opinions with you. This review will contain spoilers so if you haven’t watched the last episode then I would advise reading with caution.

Overall I was disappointed with the ending. The episode felt rushed despite being longer than usual, the reveal wasn’t as dramatic or surprising as I was hoping and there are still a lot of questions unanswered. I felt that the show went downhill after the first A reveal and whilst many people didn’t like the Cece reveal I didn’t mind it too much. I think the show should have ended after that reveal as I have not enjoyed this series as much.

I felt that a large proportion focused on the Liar’s relationships rather than the actual reveal. The show starts with a strange dream sequence which involved Lucas tap dancing and Jenna riding a horse which was very odd. Also, this is the only time Lucas appears in the whole episode.

We get to see Emily and Alison with their twins. I am going to say something that will be very unpopular but I have never been a fan of this relationship. Out of all of the pairings, this is my least favourite.

Mona is working for AD in this episode and for some reason, AD gets her to wear a Melissa mask and a black hoodie whilst spying on the girls. I’m not really sure why this was done apart from to shock viewers at the start thinking that AD was Melissa which I wouldn’t have minded as I have always thought that she was involved.

AD is finally revealed as Spencer’s twin which was not really surprising as there were so many fan theories about Spencer’s twin. Also, they’d already played the twin story with Charlotte. The way that the Liars discovered the twin was ridiculous. Jenna can smell that it’s not Spencer and a horse reacts badly to her and therefore the only logical conclusion is that is isn’t Spencer. The Liars accept this very quickly.

Alex’s accent was hilarious. As a British person, I can honestly say I have never heard anyone sound like that. Speaking of British Wren was involved I thought that he was going to be AD but I guess this is the next best thing. Although Alex did turn him into a diamond which is sad and turns out he is the father of Emily’s twins.

One of the questions I have is how on earth did Alex manage to build an underground dungeon. She mentions that she didn’t have the same wealthy upbringing as Spencer so how did she afford to build the dungeon and deck it out with expensive cages also how did no one notice all this building work being done.

Whilst the reveal was a little disappointing I did enjoy the bit at the end with Mona. We see Alex and Mary Drake trapped in a dollhouse showing that Mona won the game. I wished the episode had ended there but it continues with the high school girls at a sleepover and Addison has gone missing. The show hints that story is going to happen all over again with another group of girls which seems very unlikely.

I was hoping that the reveal would have been a character that we had known since the beginning rather than one that was made up in the last episode.  I do think that Troian did a good job in this episode even if I wasn’t happy with the reveal I can appreciate her acting skills.

Overall the ending did disappoint me and I would have liked to have seen it end differently but I have enjoyed watching this show ad I have a lot of memories tied to this show.

What did you think of the ending?

Kirsty xoxo


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