The Last Star by Rick Yancey Review

The 5th Wave

The Infinite Sea

The Last Star

The Last Star by Rick Yancey

Plot Outline 

This is the last book in the 5th Wave trilogy. The Others have almost successfully rid the Earth of humans. They did this by taking away their humanity making them turn on one another.  They have almost finished their task and it will be difficult to stop them.

My Opinion 

As you are probably aware from my previous reviews I am not a huge fan of this series. However, I did prefer The Infinite Sea so I decided that I would give this book a chance but I wish I hadn’t as I did not enjoy it. I did find that this was a real struggle to finish. I felt for the majority of the book not a lot was happening. I did find myself skimming over parts as I was just not engaged with the story. Whilst reading this I got the impressions that the author wasn’t sure how to wrap everything up. The ending felt very disappointing and nothing was really wrapped up. Something which I did appreciate in this book was that the author made clear whose POV we were reading. However, this was still confusing as the POVs shifted very quickly and I would have preferred longer sections for each POV. Overall I did not enjoy this series but I know that plenty of people have really loved it. I’m not sure whether it is the subject matter (aliens) that I didn’t like, the writing style or a combination of the two. I don’t have any desire to pick up any of Rick’s other books and I probably won’t read anything from him in the future.

2 Stars

It has been recently revealed that Rick Yancey will be adding 3 more books to this series.  I will not be picking up these books as I am not really sure what else he can do with the story and I have really not enjoyed this trilogy so I don’t feel the need to carry on with the series.

Kirsty xoxo


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