Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life Review



I am very late at discovering Gilmore Girls. I heard it mentioned a lot before but it was only in January that I started to watch it. Considering I managed to watch 153 episodes in a month it’s safe to say that I fell in love with it. I’m slightly ashamed to admit that but I am obsessed with Netflix and watch it nearly every day. So when I discovered A Year In The Life I was very happy that I didn’t have to say goodbye to me favourite characters just yet. I can’t imagine how fans who watched the show when it aired felt having to wait 10 years. I want to start my review by saying that there will be spoilers so if you haven’t watched all four episodes proceed with caution.


What I liked

  • I loved seeing all the characters again and being back in Stars Hollow. I really like the small town vibe. Despite there being such a huge gap between the seasons they were able to recreate everything really well and it made it feel as if we had never left.
  • Paris- Paris was one of my favourite characters in the original series. She is so funny and I liked what the writers did with her character. She is extremely successful as I thought she would be. She even has kids which was a little surprising but she and Doyle have split up which I was sad about.
  • Kirk- Kirk was another one of my favourite characters and he appeared quite a lot in these four episodes which I was really happy about. He is another really funny character and I was glad to see that he hadn’t really changed. I liked the joke about Ooober and his new short film.
  • Emily- The progression that Emily’s character took was one of the best stories. After the death of Richard, Emily really struggles as he was such a huge part of her life. It was great to see her character make improvements and by the end, I believe that she was much happier. The scene where is she tears apart the DAR was hilarious.
  • Tribute to Richard- The actor who played Richard has passed away so Richard wasn’t in these episodes. I liked that they did a sort of tribute to him with the funeral and the flashbacks. I found it very emotional when Rory was walking through her grandparents and walks into his study and we see a flashback of him.
  • Jess- I was always Team Jess although Logan did grow on me in the later episodes. It was great to see Jess again. He offered Rory some really great advice and you could see that he had grown up a lot.

What I didn’t like

  • Rory- I really did not like Rory’s character in these episodes. Firstly she treated her boyfriend Paul horribly. She kept forgetting about him and clearly wasn’t interested him. She was cheating on him with Logan which I did not like. It seemed as if she hadn’t learned anything from being with Dean when he was married. She obviously knew it was wrong because she hadn’t told Lorelai and pretended that she was staying at a friends house. Her career was not going the way that she hoped but she didn’t seem to be doing anything about it. She did a lot of complaining but when she got opportunities she didn’t seem to take them seriously and kept expecting everything to fall into her lap.
  • Lorelai and Luke- I was happy to see that Luke and Lorelai were together, however, I felt as if their relationships had not really progressed. They were living together but they weren’t married and didn’t have any kids which was something that I was expecting to see. They still seemed to have the same communication issues that we saw in season 7. They didn’t really discuss anything. Lorelai lied about going to therapy and when they went to the fertility clinic it didn’t seem as if they had really talked about it. Although they did get married in the end it was very spur of the moment and not really the wedding I was expecting. I think they are still going to have problems if they can’t talk to one another.
  • Longer episodes- I wasn’t a fan of the episode format. The episodes were 90 minutes long instead of the usual hour and instead of spanning a couple of days they covered a few months. I would have preferred shorter episodes as they could have done more rather than just these four episodes.
  • No theme tune- I know it is a really small thing but I really missed having the theme tune at the beginning of each episode. I really like the song and I enjoy singing along at the start of each episode and I missed doing that.
  • Sookie’s small appearance- I was happy that Sookie was eventually included in this but I do wish that she could have been in it more. I get that Melissa is very busy with other projects but it would have been nice to have seen more of Sookie. The scent that she did do was really good and captured her character really well.
  • The musical- This took up far too much time. At first, it was funny but it was dragged out too much and it stopped being funny. I think that this should have been shorter and we could have spent time seeing more of the characters.
  • The ending- I have mixed feelings about the ending. Everything came full circle as it ends how it started. With Rory being pregnant and going to face being a single mother like her mother. Apparently, this is how they planned to end season 7 but I feel that this is a really unsatisfying ending. I expected more from Rory’s character and Lorelai tried very hard to make sure that Rory didn’t end up like her and she has ended up in the same position. We don’t even know who the father is, I assume it is Logan but it could be the guy that she had a one night stand with. The ending is very open and doesn’t really feel like a proper conclusion so there is potential for more episodes but it doesn’t seem like there are going to be any at the moment.

Hopes for the future

I would love to see a couple more episodes. I think that we need more of a conclusion. If they were to do more episodes I would like to see more of the side characters such as Lane and more of Jess. The only character that seemed to get a proper ending was Emily. If they did more episodes it would be great if they explored the Paris and Tristan storyline as Paris had a bit of meltdown when she saw him. Although if they did this they would need to use the original actor as it wouldn’t work without him I was slightly surprised that had recast him.

What did you think of A Year In The Life?

Kirsty xoxo


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