A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard Review


I received a copy via Net Galley.

Plot Outline

Steffi is a selective mute and struggles with anxiety. Rhys is deaf. Steffi has spent most of her time at school silent but with Rhys, she finds that she is able to talk.

My Opinion

I thought that this book was excellent. Whilst the plot is quite simple as it is a love story between two teenagers. I really enjoyed the addition to the plot that they have difficulties communicating with others but they find a way to communicate with one another. I thought that the author did a fantastic job in portraying these characters. I felt that the characters and their situations felt very real. I think that the author did really well at showing how simple tasks can become difficult for people with anxiety. The majority of us take these things for granted so I liked that the author was able to open my eyes to this. I thought that Sara showed Steffi’s progress in a really realistic way. She started out by doing small things which were really big achievements some books make the recovery process seem like a magical thing that happens overnight but this book didn’t do that which I feel is much more realistic. I also really appreciated that whilst there was a relationship the author emphasised that Steffi’s progress was because of her and not Rhys. Steffi was probably my main character at times I found Rhys to be a little annoying. I also really liked the side characters. I loved Steffi’s friendship with Tem and I enjoyed seeing a positive family relationship with her parents. I thought that the relationship between Steffi and Rhys felt very realistic. It felt like a first relationship between two teenagers, I find that in many YA books the authors tend to portray the characters as being older which makes it feel unrealistic.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I would highly recommend that you check this book out.

Kirsty xoxo

4 Stars


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