All I Want For Christmas Book Tag


Today I am doing the All I Want For Christmas Book Tag. Please share your answers if you have also done this tag. You can see the original here.

1) What fictional character do you want Santa to leave under your Christmas tree?

Levi from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell-I really like Levi and I would love to hang out with him. We have very similar interests so I think we would have a lot of fun together.
2) What character do you want to kiss under the mistletoe?

Will Herondale- Will has an amazing sense of humor and he is really caring. I would love to kiss him under the mistletoe.
3) You write your Christmas list for Santa, what are the top 5 books on it?

  1. What Light
  2. The Thousandth Floor
  3. Three Dark Crowns
  4. The Fate of the Tearling
  5. The Glittering Court

4) It’s secret Santa at Hogwarts, what do you most want to receive?

A wand- I think it would be so cool to have a wand and be able to do different spells. I would also really like an invisibility cloak.
5) You get to the spend the day with the characters and movie adaptation actors from one fandom, what do you pick?

Shadowhunters- I am a huge fan of Cassandra Clare’s books and I would love to spend time with her characters.
6) What fictional animal would you like to replace Rudolph and be able to meet on your roof?

Cheshire Cat- I recently read Alice in Wonderland and I loved the Cheshire Cat he was so funny although I imagine after awhile he might get a bit annoying.
7) You invite 10 fictional characters to your new years eve party, who do you pick?

  1. Cath
  2. Jest
  3. Magnus Bane
  4. Cricket
  5. Scarlet
  6. Louisa Clark
  7. Rose Hathaway
  8. Pip
  9. Jay Gatsby
  10. Simon Snow

8) What character would make a good Santa? (Doesn’t have to be appearance, personality counts too)

Jem Carstairs- He is such a kind person and I think he would do everything in his power to make sure everyone had an amazing Christmas.

Kirsty xoxo


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