The Sound Of Us by Julie Hammerle Review

The Sound Of Us

I received a copy via Net Galley. 

Plot Outline

Kiki has gone to a summer music camp in the hopes of receiving a scholarship and entering a music program at university. The camp has strict rules which means jamming sessions with cute guys are not allowed. People start getting kicked out for breaking the rules and Kiki must decide whether to focus on the scholarship or have fun with her friends.

My Opinion 

I think this is a perfect summer contemporary read. I found Kiki to be a really relatable character as she was obsessed with TV and music. The author also made quite a few references to social media which I think is important in new contemporary stories as it plays such a huge role in people’s lives so it makes the story more realistic. I found this to be a really fun read. I thought that Jack and Kiki worked really well together and I loved their relationship. I also really liked seeing Kiki develop throughout this book. At the beginning, she has very little confidence and we get to see her grow her confidence throughout the book. Overall I thought that this was a really fun read and I would recommend it to any contemporary fan. I am looking forward to seeing more from  this author in the future.

4 Stars

Kirsty xoxo


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