Top 10 Tuesdays

Top 10 Tuesday- Best Books Of 2016


This week’s topic is our favourite books of 2016. This year I have only read 22 books that I gave 5 stars to so it was quite easy to narrow this list down. I feel that I have been tougher with my ratings this year and very few books have been given 5 stars. Looking back it seems like such a long time ago since I read some of these books.


Winter by Marissa Meyer– I was really sad when The Lunar Chronicles came to an end. I had really enjoyed reading about the characters and their quest to defeat Queen Levana. I was really happy with the way that this series was wrapped up. I liked the new characters that were introduced in this book. I really liked how Meyer connected all the characters stories together and the way that she took the original fairy tales and turned them into something new.

Carry On

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell– When I started this I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. I was concerned that it was going to be a copy of Harry Potter and whilst it was similar it had it’s  own qualities which I really enjoyed. The characters are what makes this book so good. I particularly liked the relationship between Baz and Simon.

Clockwork Princess

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare– I really enjoyed reading Cassandra Clare’s books at the beginning of the year but this was my favourite. I prefer The Infernal Devices to The Mortal Instruments and this is my favourite book in the series. This was such a fantastic ending to the series and I was not expecting the ending. Whilst reading this book I felt pretty much every emotion there were some really happy moments as well as some really heartbreaking ones.


The Giver

The Giver by Lois Lowry– I found this world to be so interesting to read about and I think that this is such an important read. This book really makes you think and I really enjoyed reading it.


And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie– This was such a well-written mystery and it kept me guessing right up until the end. The atmosphere that was created in this book was excellent and I felt like I was alongside the characters on the island.

Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys– This was an excellent read. This book is set in WW2 and follows 4 characters as they try to get on the Wilhelm Gustloff. This was a really heartbreaking book and I thought that Ruta’s writing was excellent.

Lady Midnight

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare– I think that this is Cassandra’s best book to date. I really liked all of the new characters and how diverse the cast of characters was. There were so many plot twists that it kept me hooked right up until the end.

The Book Thief

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak- This was another excellent WW2 novel that I read this year. This book is really unique as the narrator is Death which made this a really interesting read.


My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult- The plot of this book is unlike anything else that I have read. The ending was really shocking as it was not what I was expecting to happen.


Heartless by Marissa Meyer- I loved this book. I like the way that Meyer had combined parts of the original story as well as creating her own.

What are your favourite books from this year?

Kirsty xoxo




Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan

Dear Amy

I received a copy from Net Galley.

Plot Outline 

Margot works at the local newspaper as an advice columnist and she starts receiving letters from a girl who has been missing for years. At first, it seems like a joke but as more detailed letters are received it seems as if  Bethan may still be alive after all these years.

My Opinion 

I thought the plot sounded really interesting and it drew me in. I don’t read a lot of thrillers but when I do I really enjoy reading them. I found the first half of the story to be really gripping as I was really interested in the story. There was a lot of suspense and it kept me reading. I didn’t like the second half as much as the story got really unbelievable. I was not expecting the turn that the story took and I felt that the plot got very unrealistic. I did like the writing in this book and I think that the author has a lot of potential. I would be interested in reading more from her in the future. I thought for a debut novel that this was quite good and I can’t wait to see what the author comes up with next.

3 Stars

Kirsty xoxo


Panic by Lauren Oliver Review


Plot Outline 

Panic is a game played over the summer. The game tests people to their limits. Heather never thought that she would participate in the game whereas Dodge has never been scared if the game.

My Opinion 

I really enjoyed this book and I sat and read this in a couple of hours. I found the story really intense and I was hooked from the start. The challenges were insane and I couldn’t imagine anyone actually doing them but it really helped to create the suspense. I honestly had no idea what was going to happen next. We get the perspectives of the two main characters however, I didn’t connect to any of the characters. I felt that this really let the story down as I wasn’t invested in either of the characters stories. The chapters were really short which helped to make the story fast paced but this meant that we got very little character development. I did find that the ending was a bit disappointing. There had been a lot of build up throughout the book and I was expecting a dramatic ending. I felt that the story just tailed off which is something that I find happens quite a lot in Lauren Oliver’s books.

Have you read this? What did you think?

Kirsty xoxo




4 Stars


Favourite Christmas Films


As we are getting even closer I thought I would share with you some of my favourite Christmas films. Please let me know what your favourites are as I am always looking for new things to watch.


Elf is a brilliant film. It has the right mix of funny and Christmas. It follows the story of a human who has been raised as an elf and he doesn’t realise that he isn’t actually an elf. He goes on a search to meet his father but things don’t go smoothly. I love watching Buddy try to adjust to human life as it causes some really funny moments.

The Santa Clause

This film just screams Christmas to me. It’s about a man who becomes Santa after the original Santa falls off the roof. I watched this movie when I was younger and I always go back to it.

Love Actually

Who doesn’t love this film? We follow the stories of a load of different characters and this film has a lot of big movie stars in it. One of my favourite scenes is when Hugh Grant’s character who is the Prime Minister is dancing in his house.

Christmas Carol (Disney)

I will watch any version of Christmas Carol as I really like the story but my favourite is the 2009 version with Jim Carrey. I think the animation is stunning in this film and I remember being amazed by it when I saw it in the cinema.

Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas

This tells three different Christmas stories and I love it. I can’t pick a favourite as I love them all equally. In the first story, we see Huey, Dewey and Louie wish that it could be Christmas every day and we see how quickly it gets very boring for them. The second story sees Goofy try to convince his son that Santa is real. The last story sees Mickey and Minnie selling their favourite possessions in order to buy the perfect gift for one another.

I think that there is nothing better than curling up in bed with a hot chocolate and watching one of these movies. What are your favourite Christmas films?

Kirsty xoxo


Top 5 Books I Read In Autumn

Top 5 Books I Read in Autumn.jpg

At the end of each season, I do a post about my five favourite books that I read during that season. You can see which books I enjoyed reading over the summer here. Autumn consists of September, October, and November and I was in a major reading slump during these months so I didn’t get that many books read. I only managed to read 14 during that time compared to the 47 that I read in the summer.


Heartless by Marissa Meyer- This is by far my favourite read from this season. This book tells the story of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland before she became the Queen. I really liked how Marissa made references to the original story whilst creating her own story. When I was reading this I couldn’t put it down despite knowing how it ends I was still really invested in the story. I would highly recommend this and you will most certainly hear me talking about this again in my Top Books of 2016 post.


Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult- I think that this is a very important book. It deals with the topic of racism which is an extremely important issue. This is a really thought provoking book and it really makes you think about how the smallest of actions are perceived by others. I thought that the author handled the topic very well and I would highly suggest that you check this book out.


The Kingmaker’s Daughter by Philippa Gregory- I am a huge fan of historical fiction and Phillipa Gregory’s books. This book follows Anne Neville. I always enjoy reading about this time period and as always Phillipa does an excellent job at creating a story.


The Amateurs by Sara Shepard- This is the first book in a new series from the author of the Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game series. I love Sara’s ability to create a mystery I was left shocked by the ending and I can’t wait for the second book.


The Crown by Kiera Cass- The last book in The Selection series wrapped up the story well. I was worried about this book as I didn’t enjoy The Heir as much but I felt that this one was much better. I did feel that the ending was a little rushed but overall I was happy with this conclusion.

Kirsty xoxo


Top 10 Tuesdays

Top 10 Tuesday- Books I Want For Christmas


This week’s topic is books that we would like to receive for Christmas. I’m always adding books to my TBR so it was really difficult to narrow this list down to ten.


All the Light We Cannot See

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr- This book has been on my TBR for awhile as I have heard so many amazing things about it. This book is set during WW2 and after reading Salt to the Sea and the Book Thief I have wanted to read more WW2 fiction. This book has won the Pulitzer Prize so I have really high hopes for it.



Replica by Lauren Oliver- I discovered Lauren Oliver this year and I have really enjoyed reading her books. This book sounds really interesting as it follows two different characters and you can either read alternating perspectives or read one character’s perspective and then read the other.

Three Dark Crowns

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake- I have heard a lot of good things about this book. It is the first book in a new fantasy series. It follows three sisters who have to compete to become the queen. The way that they win the crown is by killing the other two sisters. I think this sounds like it is going to be fantastic.

Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy

Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare- I love the Shadowhunter world so I desperately need this book. This is a collection of short stories similar to the previous collection The Bane Chronicles. I am really excited for this collection as I have heard so many good things about it.

Summer Days and Summer Nights

Summer Days and Summer Nights by Stephanie Perkins- I read My True Love Gave To Me which is a collection of winter stories. This is a collection of summer stories and although I have heard people say this isn’t as good as the other collection I am still looking forward to discovering some new authors.

The Hypnotist's Love Story

The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty- I really enjoy Liane Moriarty’s books and this is the only one that I don’t own by her. I really want to complete my collection of her books as I love reading them.


Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat- I’ve heard very mixed things about this book but I am intrigued by it. I would like to read it for myself so I can see whether I like it or not.


Hollow City by Ransom Riggs- I read the first book in this trilogy earlier this year and I would really like to read the second book.


The Star Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi- This is the first book in a fantasy series and I have heard so many good things about it. I didn’t get around to reading it this year so I would love to get it for Christmas so I can read it in 2017.


What Light by Jay Asher- This would be the perfect book to receive for Christmas as it is a Christmas romance. The main character’s family owns a Christmas tree farm and she meets a guy. I think that this would be the perfect book to read over the Christmas break.

What books are on your list?

Kirsty xoxo



All I Want For Christmas Book Tag


Today I am doing the All I Want For Christmas Book Tag. Please share your answers if you have also done this tag. You can see the original here.

1) What fictional character do you want Santa to leave under your Christmas tree?

Levi from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell-I really like Levi and I would love to hang out with him. We have very similar interests so I think we would have a lot of fun together.
2) What character do you want to kiss under the mistletoe?

Will Herondale- Will has an amazing sense of humor and he is really caring. I would love to kiss him under the mistletoe.
3) You write your Christmas list for Santa, what are the top 5 books on it?

  1. What Light
  2. The Thousandth Floor
  3. Three Dark Crowns
  4. The Fate of the Tearling
  5. The Glittering Court

4) It’s secret Santa at Hogwarts, what do you most want to receive?

A wand- I think it would be so cool to have a wand and be able to do different spells. I would also really like an invisibility cloak.
5) You get to the spend the day with the characters and movie adaptation actors from one fandom, what do you pick?

Shadowhunters- I am a huge fan of Cassandra Clare’s books and I would love to spend time with her characters.
6) What fictional animal would you like to replace Rudolph and be able to meet on your roof?

Cheshire Cat- I recently read Alice in Wonderland and I loved the Cheshire Cat he was so funny although I imagine after awhile he might get a bit annoying.
7) You invite 10 fictional characters to your new years eve party, who do you pick?

  1. Cath
  2. Jest
  3. Magnus Bane
  4. Cricket
  5. Scarlet
  6. Louisa Clark
  7. Rose Hathaway
  8. Pip
  9. Jay Gatsby
  10. Simon Snow

8) What character would make a good Santa? (Doesn’t have to be appearance, personality counts too)

Jem Carstairs- He is such a kind person and I think he would do everything in his power to make sure everyone had an amazing Christmas.

Kirsty xoxo