Eliza Rose by Lucy Worsley

Eliza Rose

Plot Outline

This is a YA historical fiction novel set during the Tudor period. Eliza Rose is the only daughter of a noble family and her duty is to secure a good marriage. She gets sent to court and gets sucked into the drama that occurs at Henry’s court.

My Opinion 

Lucy Worsley is a historian and she often presents programmes on the BBC. She has written a few books but this was her first YA fiction novel. Eliza is Katherine Howard’s cousin. She gets sent to court so she can learn how to behave and find a husband. She starts by being a maid of honour for Anne of Cleves and through her eyes we get to see the rise of Katharine Howard. I’ve read quite a few books set during the Tudor period and I think that this one did a good job of capturing the atmosphere of the Tudor court. Whilst reading this book I could tell that the author had done a lot of research and that she is clearly passionate about the subject. Overall I really enjoyed this book. I liked the story and I liked that the author mixed facts with fiction in order to create her own version of events. I really hope that she continues to write more YA novels set during this time. I love reading about the Tudor period and I would like to see more from this author.

4 Stars

Kirsty xoxo


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