Top 5 Wednesdays

Top 5 Wednesday – Books I Want To Re-Read

This week’s topic is, books we’d like to re-read. I read a lot but I hardly ever have time to re-read my favourites because I’ve got so many other books on my TBR. I really enjoy re-reading books as I get to fall in love with them all over again. I have previously posted about some books that I want to re-read so you can see that here.  If you want to check out the Goodreads group then the link is here.

The Selection

The Selection by Kiera Cass- I’ve recently finished The Crown and whilst I didn’t enjoy the last two books in the series as much as the first three I really want to go back and read about America and Maxon falling in love.


Twilight by Stephenie Meyer- I’ve been watching The Vampire Diaries from the beginning and it is making feel really nostalgic for the vampire genre. I really loved Twilight when I first read it and I really want to see if I have the same experience reading it the second time around.


Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte- I read this book for my AS English class and at the time I really didn’t enjoy it but I think this was partly because I didn’t enjoy the classes. I really want to give this book a second chance. I really want to read more classics and I think if I start with re-reading one then it will hopefully encourage me to read others.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins- I am still yet to watch all of the Hunger Games films which I know is really shocking seen as everyone has seen them. Before I watch the films I really want to re-read the books. I marathoned the whole series a couple of summers ago so I don’t feel that I truly appreciated them.


Holes by Louis Sachar- This was one of my favourite books when I was younger. I have read it a couple of times but I would really love to re-read as I love it so much.

Which books would you like to re-read?

Kirsty xoxo


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