Wrap Up

September and October Wrap Up

I am combining my wrap up for September and October because I read hardly any books. I have been in a major reading slump the past couple of months which is why I haven’t blogged very much. I don’t know what happened but I just lost all my motivation to read I am now back to reading and I am hoping that my slump is over.


Twisted by Sara Shepard- I really think that this series should have stopped at Wanted as this book was really repetitive. I think that Wanted wrapped up the story quite well and carrying on the series seems a bit pointless. I do plan on finishing the series as I want to see where Sara Shepard takes the series.


Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson- This book followed Lia who had an eating disorder. I found this book really hard to get into as it was really slow moving. I think that the author did a good job of portraying the eating disorder as it seemed really realistic. I wasn’t a fan of the writing style in this book as the author used a lot of metaphors and at times it was difficult to distinguish between what was real and what was a metaphor. I feel that this book has been overhyped as although I didn’t think it was a bad book it wasn’t as good as I was expecting.


Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult- This book deals with racism which I feel is such an important topic. I found this book to be really thought provoking and I think that it is a really important read. I think that it did a good job of highlighting the issues that people can face just because they are of a different race. I felt that the ending was a little bit too convenient although it did wrap up the story well.


Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver- The main character in this book dies and we get to her life the same day over and over again. It took me a really long time to get into this book as I found the story a little confusing at the start. I found it to be really repetitive and I got bored of reading about the same events again and again. The ending felt really abrupt and it just kind of tailed off something I have noticed with Lauren Oliver’s books.


Something In Between by Melissa de la Cruz- This book follows Jasmine who discovers that she is in the country illegally. This book interested me as it is about an important topic and I haven’t seen any other YA books that deal with it. I felt that the romance 0overtook the main plot and I wasn’t a fan of the romance as it had too much drama.



We Were On A Break by Lindsey Kelk- This was a fun read. Adam is about to propose to Liv but they end up taking a break instead. I found parts of this book amusing but I was really annoyed with Adam and Liv they should have just talked to one another instead of avoiding each other. I found the changing perspectives quite confusing as they seemed to change quite abruptly.

Kirsty xoxo


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