Cruel Crown by Victoria Aveyard Review

Red Queen 

Glass Sword

Cruel Crown

Plot Outline 

This is a bind-up of two short stories set before the events of Red Queen. The two stories in this collection are Queen Song and Steel Scars.

Queen Song 

This story follows Queen Coriane who is King Tiberias’ first wife. This follows her relationship with the King and the birth of their son Cal. Coriane is worried about the dangers of the court.

Steel Scars

This story follows Farley as she starts out on rebellion operation. She begins by recruiting individuals and then she meets Mare who she realises is going to be key for the success of the operation.

My Opinion 

Overall I didn’t think that either of these stories added anything to the series. I think that you could quite easily read this series without reading these stories. The bind up is quite short and a large portion of it is taken up with a preview for Glass Sword so I’d reccommend if you want to read this that you get it from the library. I preferred Queen Song as I gave it 4 stars whereas I only gave Steel Scars 2 stars. I thought that it was interesting to learn about Cal’s mother as she is breifely mentioned in the series but we know very little about her. This story is particularly heartbreaking as she had loads of dreams that she knew would never come true because of the family that she was born into. We also see how her paranoia drove her to sucide and this was particularly heartbreaking to read. I have never been a fan of Farley’s character so her story didn’t really interest me. I found her character to be really dull. This story is told through reports from the Scarlet Guard which I found really boring and confusing. I found myself skipping over the reports as they were not very interesting. I would suggest checking this book out if you are a fan of the series but I’d suggest borrowing a copy as it is a lot of money for a very short book.

3 Stars

Kirsty xoxo


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