Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

Rebel of the Sands

Plot Outline

Amani lives in a small town and she wants nothing more than to escape and discover the world that she has heard about in stories. A mysterious man runs through the town and Amani is given the opportunity to escape with him. Amani ends up getting tied up with magic and a rebellion against the Sultan.

My Opinion 

I thought this was a good start to a series and it was a good debut. The story was very slow to start with as there was a lot of world building at the start. I initially found the world to be a bit confusing as it is set in the dessert and I got a western feel from it but there was also an Arabic feel to it. The world seemed quite old fashioned although there were guns so it was difficult at first to picture. This book was definitely a set up for the rest of the trilogy. The author tried to introduce a lot of things in quite a short space. I did however really like the writing particularly the descriptions of the world as I thought that they were written really well. The main character; Amani was a strong, independent character and she seemed very determined to get what she wanted. I like Amani and I could relate to her desire to leave her small town. I felt that the romance between Amani and Jin felt a little bit forced. I would have preferred to see a friendship develop first and then perhaps a romance in the later books. I do think that the book may have worked better if there was a friendship rather than a romance and the romance seemed to be included for the sake of it. There was a lot of information that was revealed towards the end and as a result, the ending felt very rushed. The author was clearly creating a lot of drama so that people would be interested in the second book. I think this series has a lot of potential and I am interested in checking out the second book when it is released next year. The next book will be called Traitor to the Throne and it is due to come out in March. I also want to quickly talk about the beautiful cover. I think that the cover is stunning and really captures the essence of the story and I can’t wait to see what the second book will look like.

3 Stars

Kirsty xoxo


3 thoughts on “Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

  1. I’ve been hearing that it has a Western feel to it. I like Western books (modern Western books), so I might give this a try after the next one comes out. I hate waiting around for the next fix. Great review!


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