Physical Books vs. E-Books (Discussion)

The use of technology is always growing and nowadays more and more people are choosing to read e-books. I wanted to discuss this topic and state which method I prefer. I think that both methods have a purpose and I actively use both forms to read books. For reference, I don’t own a Kindle and I use my Ipad to read books. I find that this method works well as I have access to iBooks and I can also use the Kindle app.

Physical Books

Physical books are the traditional way of reading and it is the way that I was brought up with. I really enjoy reading physical books as I enjoy holding them in my hand and being able to turn the pages something you can’t get when you read an e-book. I like to collect books so for me having physical books allows me to display my passion. There are so many beautiful covers out there that sometimes owning the physical copy is essential. I did a post about some of my favourite covers which you can see here.  I always carry a book around in my bag so I prefer paperbacks as hardbacks are too heavy to carry around. The downside of physical books is that they take up a lot of space. I have quite a large collection of books and the two bookcases that I have do not fit all of my books. Sometimes books can be difficult to read particularly if you are reading in bed. Some books can be really expensive especially hardbacks although good deals can be found.


I think the best thing about E-books is that you can have loads of different books on one device. This makes them excellent to read whilst on holiday as you don’t need to take up precious suitcase space with books as you can easily pack your Kindle/iPad or whatever device you use. The price of E-books really varies and sometimes they are the same price as the physical book, however, there are often some amazing deals. Both Amazon and Apple often do deals on their E-books and you can pick up some great deals for as little as 99p. I was able to pick up Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson for 99p a couple of weeks ago. You really need to keep an eye on these websites to find these deals. Another great thing about E-books is that you can often get some great ones for free. This is amazing if you are on a tight budget. You can also pick up the majority of classics for free which is excellent. Sometimes I miss having a physical copy of a book, particularly if it is one I enjoy as it is much easier to find things in a physical book than an E-book in my opinion. As I mentioned above I use an iPad to read my E-books, I have one of the older models so it can be quite awkward as it is bulky and heavy. I’m sure that this is not a problem with newer models but it is something that puts me off.

Overall I won’t be ditching my physical books anytime soon although I do find myself increasingly using E-books.

Which do you prefer?

Kirsty xoxo


One thought on “Physical Books vs. E-Books (Discussion)

  1. Why not both? I have some of my favorite stories in both e- and paper form because of the versatility. I will never stop buying actual books because I like the permanence of them, but I will continue to buy ebook since I like their flexibility and portability.


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