Currently Watching (May 2016

I love watching TV. I watch quite a lot of TV but I tend to only watch a few series at a time. I will watch all the episodes before moving onto  a new show. Whilst Pretty Little Liars and Shadowhunters are not on at the moment I needed to find something new to watch. I recently finished watching 90210 and after hearing so many good things I decided to start Once Upon a Time. My love for this show inspired me to talk about what I am currently watching.

Once Upon a Time

I started watching this at the end of April and I have nearly finished season 2. I have become 100% addicted to this show. The premise for this show is that all the fairy tales are real. The evil queen casts a curse to bring all the fairy tale characters into the real world but they can’t remember who they are. I love how all the different character stories are woven into each episode. Regina is such a great villain and she’s one of my favourite characters. I’d highly recommend this show as it has very quickly taken over my life.

The Flash

I started watching this when it first aired on TV and now it is on season 2. I have never really been into superheroes until I started watching this. I was missing The Tomorrow People and when I heard that Robbie Amell was going to be in The Flash I decided to watch it. I ended up really enjoying it Cisco is my favourite character as he is so funny. This show has a lot of plot twists and I never know what will happen.


After watching season 1 of The Flash I decided to try Arrow. Arrow is set in the same world as The Flash and they often have cross- over episodes which are the best thing ever. There is so much happening in this show and it always keeps me on my toes as I never know what is going to happen. I love Oliver and Felicity and I think they make the perfect couple. Something happened recently and I am still in shock.


I love this show so much. It is very simple. It is a show about people watching TV. You sit and watch other people watch TV. It sounds terrible but it is really funny and it is a good light hearted programme to watch on a Friday night.

What are you currently watching?

Kirsty xoxo


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