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Top 5 Wednesday: Authors You’d Like To Want To Meet

I’ve slightly changed this week’s topic, the original topic was: Authors You’d Like To Want To Meet at Book Expo America and Bookcon but I have just changed it to authors I’d like to meet as I am not going to either of these events. I’ve not met many authors, the most recent was Cassandra Clare which was really awesome. If you want to check out the Goodreads group then the link is here.

Sarah J Maas

I love all of Sarah’s books. I would love to meet her as I think she writes fantastic fantasy novels. I love The Throne of Glass series and the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. I am excited for her new novels that are coming out this year and I really hope that she comes to the UK.

Sophie Kinsella

I love pretty much ever Sophie Kinsella book that I have read. I think she writes really good characters and her novels are so light hearted and they always make me laugh. She writes contemporary novels for adults and she wrote her first YA novel last year. I really enjoyed Finding Audrey and I hope that she writes more YA novels in the future. I think she handled mental illness really well and I would love to see her cover more mental illness in the future.

Kiera Cass

I adore The Selection series. I would love to get the opportunity to just sit with Kiera and discuss the series. I have so many questions for her and I am sure after reading The Crown I will have even more questions. I would also love to hear what plans she has for other novels once The Selection series is finished.

Marissa Meyer

The Lunar Chronicles  has quickly become one of my all time favourite series. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to meet the author that wrote their favourite series? I would love to just sit and talk about the characters as I love the characters so much and it would be so interesting to hear how they were created.

Philippa Gregory

I am a huge fan of history especially the Tudor period. I find this period really interesting and I love Philippa’s books. It would be great to just sit down and chat with her and hear what she things about the different people from that time.

Which authors would you like to meet?

Kirsty xoxo



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