Stars Above by Marissa Meyer Review

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Stars Above

When I heard that Marissa Meyer was releasing a collection of short stories I was really happy. I finished Winter and although I was happy with how the series wrapped up I still wanted more from the characters and the world because I love it so much.

The Keeper- 4

This was the back story of Scarlet’s Grandma which I found really interesting. She is a very important character in the series as she takes in Cinder but we didn’t find out too much about her in the series so I was pleased to find out more about her.

Glitches- 4

In this story, we got to see how Cinder came to live with Adri and her daughters. I really liked seeing the friendship between Cinder and Peony in this story.

The Queen’s Army- 4

This story was a lot darker than the other stories in the collection. This story was about how Wolf came to be in the army. I found it really interesting to have more background information to Wolf.

Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky- 5

Thorne is such a funny character and it was great to see him when he was younger. This story had me smiling as Thorne gets up to some really amusing things.

After Sunshine Passes By- 3

This was my least favourite story in the collection. This one was about how Cress came to be on the satellite. For me, there was something lacking from this story and it wasn’t as enjoyable as the other ones.

The Princess and the Guard- 4

In this story, we get to see Winter and Jacin when they were younger. I really enjoyed seeing their friendship as it is really sweet. We also got to learn why Winter stopped using her gift. I really liked this story as we only to see Winter and Jacin in one book so I feel that we don’t know as much about them compared to the other characters.

The Little Android- 4

This is a retelling of the Little Mermaid which I didn’t realize until I finished it. This was such a sweet love story although the ending was sad.

The Mechanic- 4

I loved seeing Kai and Cinder’s first meeting from Kai’s point of view.

Something Old, Something New- 5

This story takes place after the events of Winter and the characters are preparing for Wolf and Scarlet’s wedding. It was great to revisit these characters and see them all together again.

5 Stars

Overall I really enjoyed this collection and if you are a fan of the series then I highly recommend that you check this book out.

Kirsty xoxo


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