Along For The Ride by Sarah Dessen Review

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Along for the Ride

Plot Outline 

Auden’s parents have split up and when she is offered the chance to spend the summer with her dad and his family she jumps at the chance. Auden spends time working in her dad’s wife’s boutique making friends with some of the locals. She meets Eli who has insomnia  like her and they spend a lot of nights together.

My Opinion

I really want to find a Sarah Dessen book that I love. So many people rave about her books and apart from Just Listen the books that I have read so far have just been a bit ‘meh’ for me. I found this book to be really slow going and not a lot happened for the majority of the book. I didn’t particularly like any of the characters, I especially didn’t like Auden’s dad as he was so selfish. The story picked up towards the end although the story was really predictable. I felt that I had seen this plot before and sometimes I  can get over this if I like the characters but I didn’t like them very much. The characters didn’t seem very original and I had trouble connecting with them. This book is good if you want a light hearted, quick contemporary but personally, this is not a favourite of mine and there are other ones that I prefer. If you want to see my favourite contemporaries you can see my post here.

3 Stars

Kirsty xoxo


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