Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire Review

Beautiful Disaster

Plot Outline

This book is about good girl Abby and bad boy Travis Maddox. Abby is not interested in Travis and Travis likes the challenge of trying to win her affection. Will Abby and Travis’ relationship be a success or will it be a disaster?

My Opinion 

I had heard so many negative things before I started reading this book which made me think that I wasn’t going to enjoy this book. I ended up really enjoying this book. At first, I really liked the relationship between Abby and Travis. Travis’ behaviour changed, though he started becoming really overprotective and aggressive. Abby almost seemed to be trying to provoke him, she did and said things that she knew would wind him up. I am not saying that Travis’ behaviour was acceptable but I don’t think Abby helped the situation as she always seemed to be trying to get a reaction from Travis. From what I had heard I was expecting an abusive relationship and whilst it wasn’t a sweet contemporary romance it wasn’t as dark as I was expecting. I found this book to really fast paced and I finished it quite quickly. This was my first ever New Adult book and I am interested to try more from this genre, so if you have any recommendations let me know. I have bought the second book in this series which I hope to read soon as I want to find out what will happen between Abby and Travis.

4 Stars

Kirsty xoxo


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