The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy Review


This trilogy follows Belly, Jeremiah, and Conrad during their summer adventures. This series is really popular so I was excited to read it. Unfortunately, I think that this trilogy has been really over hyped. I don’t think that they are bad books but I was expecting a lot more from them. I didn’t like the main character Belly, she whined for the majority of the books and she seemed very immature. There was also a lot of switching between the past and present which I didn’t enjoy. At first, I found it really confusing  and I don’t think that it added very much to the story. There was a complicated love triangle and I am not usually a fan  of love triangles. The choice for me was easy, Conrad always seemed so cold and not interested in Belly and Jeremiah obviously really cared for her. The characters didn’t develop much during the series, Belly claimed that she had grown up but she still seemed very childish to me in the last book. I really did not enjoy the last book, I thought the ending was predictable and I didn’t like the way that the story arrived at that ending. I personally think that this could easily have been one book. The books are really quick reads and I think they are great books to put you in a summery mood. When I read them it made me really want to go to the beach. I think perhaps I may have enjoyed this series more if I had read it when I was younger. Although it is a young adult series I think it is aimed more at 13-15-year-olds rather than older teens. If you are looking for some quick summery reads then I would suggest this series as just because I didn;’t enjoy it that much doesn’t mean you won’t. A lot of people really enjoy this series so don’t let my experience put you off.

Kirsty xoxo







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