The Mortal Instruments 4-6 by Cassandra Clare Review

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The Mortal Instruments 1-3 

The Infernal Devices

City of Fallen Angels

Plot Outline 

The war is over and Clary is training to become a Shadowhunter. Everything is going well Clary’s mother is marrying Luke and she and Jace can finally be together. The happiness doesn’t last for long when someone starts killing Shadowhunters and they need t find out who it is and put a stop to it.

My Opinion

Despite being much shorter than the other books in the series Cassandra Clare managed to pack so much into it. We got to see a lot more of Simon in this book which I enjoyed as he is one of my favourite characters. The main focus of this book wasn’t on Jace and Clary’s relationship which I really enjoyed. At times, I would rather read about other things rather than their relationship. I love Jace’s character, he always has some really great lines such as ‘This from the guy who has all the sex appeal of a penguin’. We got to see a lot of character development for all the characters. I couldn’t put this book down as I just wanted to know what was going to happen. The ending was a big shock and I couldn’t wait to pick up the next book.


City of Lost Souls

Plot Outline

Lilith’s magic has been able to bind Jace to Sebastian. Jace has completely changed and he know does whatever Sebastian asks him to do. The Clave wants to stop Sebastian but killing him will also kill Jace. Clary and the other characters must try and find a way to save Jace and stop Sebastian.

My Opinion 

This book was so fast paced and there was so much happening in it. I was really worried that Jace had died when Clary stabbed him. I was interested to see what would happen in the last book now that Jace had the heavenly fire inside of him. I really like Izzy and Simon together and I think that they make a really great couple and I looked forward to seeing their relationship develop in the last book. I couldn’t believe what happened between Alec and Magnus. They are my favourite couple from the series and I knew Alec was making a mistake but I wish that hadn’t split up. I loved the way that Cassandra Clare built this book up ready for the last book.


City of Heavenly Fire

Plot Outline

This is the last book in the series. Clary and the other characters go  up against Sebastian. Sebastian is using the Infernal Cup to create an army and he must be stopped.

My Opinion 

I thought that this was a brilliant end to the series. All the characters developed a lot in this book and that was really great to read. We were introduced to some new characters that will be the main focus in Cassandra Clare’s new series. I really like how Cassandra Clare weaves stories together. I never realised how much the Infernal Devices is referenced in this series and I liked seeing some of the characters appear in this book. I thought that the story was wrapped up really well and I was satisfied with how this series ended.

5 Stars

Kirsty xoxo


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