Wrap Up

March Wrap Up

The Queen of the Tearling

The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

When I first started reading this I found the story to be really slow and difficult to get into. Once I had read the first 50- 100 pages the pace started to pick up and I began to enjoy the story. The world in this book is very big and at the start, we got a lot of information dumps as the author set up the story. This book is told from multiple POVs which I didn’t like to begin with but once I got used to it I didn’t mind it. I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next book.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

I really did not enjoy this book. I couldn’t connect to any of the characters in this book and I thought that the relationship between  Nick and Norah wasn’t believable. I felt that this book had far too much unnecessary swearing in it; there was one paragraph where the F word was used at least 10 times. I find the story really slow and I struggled to finish it despite it being really short.

The Giver

The Giver by Lois Lowry

I found the world in this book really interesting and I enjoyed finding out about it. I thought that this book was really well written. This is a children’s book but I didn’t find it too basic although I would have liked to have seen a little more world building. I think that this book creates some really interesting questions and I would have love to have studied this at school.

Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

I have heard a lot of negative things about this book and I was expecting not to like it but I was pleasantly surprised. I found the story to be really fast paced and I struggled to put it down. This book was not at all what I was expecting and I ended up really enjoying it.

Young Blood

Young Blood by Meg Cabot

This book seemed to have a lot more happening it compared to the other books in the series. These books are enjoyable quick reads and I am enjoying rereading them.

The Infinite Sea

The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

This book surprised me. I was expecting not to like this book as I did not enjoy The 5th Wave but I thought that this was a lot better than the first book. I found the pacing to be much better in this book and I didn’t think that the story dragged as much. I felt that I understood what was happening much more in this book. I am actually interested to see what happens in the last book.


Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

I really like the world and characters that Lauren Oliver has created. There were some predictable moments in this book but I still found it to be enjoyable. Usually, when it comes to dystopian trilogies I am not usually a fan of the second and third books but I found that this series was consistently good across all three books.

Along for the Ride

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

I found this book really slow to begin with and I really didn’t like any of the characters. For the majority of the book, nothing seemed to be happening although the pace did pick up towards the ending. The plot was very predictable and similar to other contemporary stories.



Requiem by Lauren Oliver

I really enjoyed this book up until the ending. I did not like the ending and I didn’t think that the story was wrapped up very well. The ending is left very  open and I was expecting more of a conclusion.

I Heart Vegas

I Heart Vegas by Lindsey Kelk

Angela was really frustrating in this book. She acted like a child and refused to talk about her problems which made everything worse. This book seemed to be much slower compared to the others.

The Boleyn Bride

The Boleyn Bride by Emily Purdy

I really enjoyed this book. I love historical fiction but I have t be in the right mood for it and this month I really fancied reading it. This book was about Elizabeth Howard who is Anne Boleyn’s mother. I found this really interesting as I have never read anything that focuses on Elizabeth and it was interesting to see what the author decided to do with her as very little is known about her.

Glass Sword

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

This book was really disappointing. I really enjoyed Red Queen and I was hoping that this book would be even better. I found this really slow to begin with and it took me awhile to get into it. There were some shocks and the ending is left on a big cliffhanger so I will be reading the next book I just hope it is better than this one.

Ticket to Love

Ticket to Love by Marilyn Kaye

This was a fun, quick, light contemporary book. It was about a group of friends who win a trip to New York. Each girl is very different and has their own plans for the trip and each girl meets her perfect guy whilst there. I enjoyed the story and I liked the characters although the plot was very predictable and similar to other books.

Neptune's Tears

Neptune’s Tears by Susan Waggoner

This book started out really slow and it took me awhile to get into. The pace built up towards the end and you could tell that the author was setting up the story for a sequel. The story was short so it lacked character development and the world building wasn’t as detailed as I would have liked.

And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Ever since I saw the TV adaptation over Christmas I have wanted to read the book. This book was so good. The mystery gripped me from the start and I was hooked right up until the last page. I thought that the plot was really well thought out and I felt as if I was trapped on the island with the characters.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever by Sara Shepard

This is another great mystery story. I was hooked from the start of this book. It was really fast paced and I read it in one sitting. I really enjoy this series and I can’t wait to see where the story will go.


Kirsty xoxo


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