The Iron King Review by Julie Kagawa

The Iron King

Plot Outline 

Meghan discovers a huge secret that will change her life. Meghan discovers that she is the daughter of a faery king and her best friend has been sent to protect her. She has to try and stop an evil force that is threating to take over the faery world.

My Opinion 

I have quite a few different Fae books but this is definetly one of the better ones. Some elements of this book were similar to other books but there was also some unique elements which I really enjoyed. I really liked the world that Kagawa created, I thought it was very imaginative and interesting to read about. I liked all the characters in this book and I especially liked the friendship between Meghan and Puck. The world building in this book was done really well. There were a lot of detailed descriptions and whilst in some books this can be boring I didn’t find it to be an issue in this book as I enjoyed reading about the world. There is a love triangle like there is in many YA books although it wasn’t the main focus. The love triangle didn’t bother me that much as I liked both Puck and Ash. I imagine that the love triangle will become more of a focus in later books but at the moment I didn’t mind it. I will be picking up the second book at some point as I am interested to see where this story will go.

4 Stars

Kirsty xoxo


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