Top 5 Books I Read This Winter

I got the idea for today’s post from Super Space Chick she did a video on this and I thought it was a good idea. The idea is at the end of each season you do a roundup post with your favourite 5 books from that season. I thought that this was a great idea as you get to see my absolute favourites from that season.

Little Lies

The first book on my list is Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I really enjoyed this book, I thought that Liane Moriarty created some really realistic characters. I also thought that she dealt with some difficult topics such as domestic  abuse really well. I enjoyed the mystery and it kept my hooked right up until the end.


Winter by Marissa Meyer is the last book in the Lunar Chronicles series. I love the Lunar Chronicles and I thought that this was a really great ending to the series. I really enjoyed how Marissa Meyer ended the series and I was glad that everyone got a happy ending. I love the characters in this series and I really liked the introduction of Winter and Jacin.

Carry On

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell is an unexpected favourite. When I started reading this I thought it was going to be like Harry Potter which I am not a huge fan of however I was pleasantly surprised. There are some similarities to Harry Potter but there are also many differences. I loved the characters especially the relationship between Baz and Simon. I would love to see more from these characters.

Clockwork Princess

I read the majority of Cassandra Clare’s books this winter and they were all 5 star reads for me so it was difficult to choose a favourite. I decided to pick Clockwork Princess as I loved the Infernal Devices series. I loved Tessa, Will and Jem and I liked seeing the relationships develop across the 3 books. I was really happy with how this series ended, this book made me feel so many emotions.

The GiverLastly, we have The Giver by Lois Lowry. I really enjoyed this book, I liked the world that Lowry had created. I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it because I have read a lot of dystopian novels and they usually follow very similar plots. This is a bit different and it really makes you think.

What have been your favourites this winter?

Kirsty xoxo


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