Rainbow Rowell’s Books Review

After reading and loving Fangirl I decided I wanted to read all of Rainbow Rowell’s books. I have nearly read all of them I have only Landline left to read. Today I thought I  would review the ones I have read so far. This post will include Carry On, Eleanor and Park, Attachments and Kindred Spirits (a short story released for World Book Day).

Carry On

Plot Outline

This book follows Simon Snow who is in his last year at the Watford School of Magicks. Simon is the chosen one although he is really bad and casting spells. He is trying to enjoy his last year but he can’t because his enemy Baz is missing. Simon thinks that Baz is planning something and Simon can’t stop worrying. There is an evil surrounding the school and Simon and his friends must stop it.

My Opinions

At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this as it sounded very similar to Harry Potter which I am not a huge fan of. There are some similarities to Harry Potter but there are some differences. I really loved this story, I liked all of the characters in this book. I thought the relationships between the characters were really good, the friendships and the romances. I loved the slow build up between Baz and Simon. I liked seeing Simon figure out his feelings for Baz and I thought it was really sweet. The magic system in this book was interesting and unlike anything else I have read. Overall I loved this book and I would love it if Rainbow Rowell made this into a series. I’d really enjoy reading more of Simon and Baz.


Eleanor and Park

Plot Outline

This story is about Eleanor and Park and their relationship. Eleanor is unusual and is a bit of an outcast at school. She ends up sitting next to Park on the school bus. At first, they don’t really talk but they soon develop a friendship.

My Opinion

Eleanor has a really terrible home life as her stepfather was horrible but I felt that Rainbow Rowell dealt with this situation really well. At first, I really did not enjoy this book. I think it was the dual perspective that I did not like but as I read more of the story I got used to it and I ended up really enjoying it. I really liked the relationship between Eleanor and Park and I thought that it was really realistic. The ending broke my heart, I won’t say exactly what happened but be prepared to have your heart broken.



Plot Outline

This book is about Lincoln whose job it is to read through all the company emails to make sure that nothing inappropriate is being sent. He reads Beth and Jennifer’s emails and he should be reporting them but he can’t bring himself to do it as he is in love with Beth.

My Opinion

This is my least favourite Rainbow Rowell book. I really did not get along with it, I found the plot really boring and I ended up skimming a lot of parts as I just wasn’t interested. It was really bizarre that first of all it was someone’s job to read other peoples emails but that he fell in love with Beth just because he had read her emails. They were both in love with one another despite not actually meeting until the end of the book. When Beth finds out that Lincoln had been reading her emails she didn’t seem too bothered by it whereas I would be really freaked out. A lot of people say that this book is really romantic but I don’t see it, I found Lincoln a little bit creepy.

Kindred Spirits

Plot Outline

This book is about Elena who decides to wait in line outside a cinema to see the new Star Wars film. She thinks that it is going to be an amazing experience but she quickly realises that it was not what she was expecting.

My Opinion

This is a short story that was released for World Book Day. I really enjoyed reading it. It was a really cute story. It talked a lot about fandoms and what it means to be part of a fandom which I found really interesting. I liked seeing the relationship develop between Elena and Gabe. I would love to see a whole book dedicated to these two characters as I really enjoyed reading about them.

Kirsty xoxo



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