The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

The 5th Wave

Plot Outline

This book is about an alien invasion. It follows Cassie who is one of the few human survivors. Cassie is trying to find her brother who was taken by the aliens. She meets Evan Walker who decides to help her find her brother.

My Opinion

This book is really popular and has recently been turned into a film. I was excited to read this as I have heard so many good things about it. Unfortunately, I really didn’t enjoy this book. I found the story really difficult to get into, I found the pacing to be really slow and it only really picked up towards the end. I haven’t read too many books about aliens but from the couple of experiences that I have had, I don’t think that this genre is for me. The story has a lot of different perspectives and it switches between them quite a lot. It also switches between the past and the present which I found really confusing. Due to the constant switching around, I found it difficult to know what was happening. I know that many people really like the romance in this book but I really didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t think that it added that much to the story and I think that the story would have still worked if it hadn’t been included. I thought that this book was unnecessarily long as we didn’t get any real action until towards the end. I have the second book which I am planning to read this month. If I didn’t already own the sequel then I probably wouldn’t continue with this series. I really wish that I had loved this book as I know that so many people love it but unfortunately, it was not for me.

2 Stars

Kirsty  xoxo


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