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Top 5 Wednesday: Worst Love Interests

This week’s topic is Worst Love Interests. If you want to check out the Goodreads group then the link is here. I don’t usually dislike love interests in a book. When there is a love triangle I usually prefer one over the other but I wouldn’t necessarily say that they were the worst. For this list, I have a few love interests that I really did not like and a couple where I preferred the character with the other love interest.

The Hunger Games

The first character is Peeta from the Hunger Games. I really did not like him with Katniss. He was deeply in love with her but she wasn’t that interested in him. I would have preferred to have seen Katniss without a love interest as I don’t think it added too much to the story. I think if she had to be with someone it should have been someone who was a stronger character for me Peeta was a very weak character throughout the series.


The Selection

Next we have Aspen from the Selection series. I really disliked Aspen and I always preferred America with Maxon. Aspen really annoyed me as he broke America’s heart but as soon as she was getting close to Maxon he came back into  her life and told her that he loved her. I felt that the love triangle part of this series was a bit unnecessary.


Next is Xander from the Matched trilogy. Xander is the guy that Cassia is meant to be with, however, I really didn’t like them as a couple. I thought that they worked much better as friends. In my opinion, Ky was a much better choice for Cassia as they seemed to work better in a relationship. Xander and Cassia were forced to be together so their feelings for one another were not genuine, unlike Ky’s feelings.

The Summer I Turned Pretty

I really disliked Conrad in this series and I couldn’t understand why Belly preferred him over Jeremiah. Conrad was always moody and he never seemed to be very nice to Belly whereas Jeremiah was always nice to her and tried to include her when Conrad often left her out. I was disappointed when she ended up with Conrad as I preferred her relationship with Jeremiah.

Falling Fast

Lastly, we have Flynn from Falling Fast. I really disliked Flynn and I did not like him and River together. Flynn has some major anger issues and got angry at the smallest little thing. I did not like these two together at all and I didn’t think that their relationship was a healthy one.

Who did you put on your list?

Kirsty xoxo








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