The Selection Series Review by Kiera Cass

I decided to write a post about the entire Selection series by Kiera Cass. I thought I would share my thoughts on the first books in the series as well as the short story collection. I love the Selection series and I can not wait for The Crown to be released later this year. My reviews may contain spoilers so if you have not read the series read this post with caution.

The Selection

The Selection

I loved this book, it was such a quick read and I read it in one day. I thought the idea was really interesting and I was intrigued by the world that Cass had created. The world is made up of Castes and the Caste system decides what job you will do and whether you are well off or poor. The story is quite simple and in places it can be rather predictable but I still really enjoyed it. I loved seeing the relationship between America and Maxon develop throughout this book. I liked the main character of America, before reading the series I had heard mixed opinions about her. I thought she was a great character she was completely selfless and everything she did was for her family. Maxon was a really good character as well, he was just a good guy. He didn’t have a bad bone in his body, he was really caring and even when he didn’t like some of the girls he was still really kind to them. In this book, there were hints of a love triangle between America, Maxon and Aspen which I wasn’t a huge fan of. Whilst this was only a small part in this book it became more important in the later books.

The Elite

The Elite

In this book, we got to see more of Maxon and America together but unfortunately, we also got to see more of Aspen who I really disliked. The love triangle became much more prominent in this book and I really did not like this. I just wanted America to pick Maxon because I couldn’t understand why she liked Aspen as he had been the one to end things between them. What happened to Marlee was really sad but I’m glad that Maxon was able to prevent her from being killed. I found reading Marlee’s short story; The Favourite really interesting as Maxon did so much to help them.

The One

The One

The relationship between Maxon and America developed a lot in this book and America finally admitted her true feelings for Maxon. I really enjoyed seeing how America’s character developed over the books. This book was quite short but so much was packed into it. A lot of things happened especially towards the end. I was really shocked by the end and I was not expecting the events that took place to happen.

The Heir

The Heir

This book gave me very mixed feelings. I loved all of the other books in the series but there was something about this one that was not as good. This book takes place many years after The One and focuses on Maxon and America’s daughter. I would have preferred if we had got to see America and Maxon getting married and having their daughter rather than seeing their daughter go through a Selection. This book followed their daughter Eadlyn having her own Selection. This Selection had 35 guys participating which made it confusing as there were so many characters. It was interesting to see the story from the point of view of the person selecting. I didn’t like Eadlyn I couldn’t quite work out what it was I didn’t like about her. She came off as being really bratty. This book was really lacking in romance in The Selection we got an instant spark between Maxon and America which we got to see develop but in this there wasn’t anything like that.

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

This is a collection of short stories and I really enjoyed this. It had some beautiful artwork in which I really think added to my overall reading experience. My favourite stories were The Queen, The Prince and The Favourite which were about Queen Amberly, Prince Maxon and Marlee. I had always wondered what Queen Amberly’s Selection was like so I really enjoyed reading all about it. I felt this book really added something to my overall experience of the series as we got to see a lot more detail about the side characters in this series.


What do you think of this series?

Kirsty xoxo



19 thoughts on “The Selection Series Review by Kiera Cass

  1. I felt the same about The Heir ! Eadlyn annoyed me A LOT, she’s really selfish and childish and I hope that she’ll grow up in The crown.
    As for the romance, I think that she has problems investing herself, and plus she has a lot to choose from, as did Maxon and in the beginning he had feelings for multiple girls, the romance was just more noticeable because it was from Ame’s perspective, at least that’s how I see it 🙂


    1. Me too, I’m hoping that the Crown will be better than the Heir. I see what you mean, I didn’t think of it like that. Hopefully we’ll get to see more in the Crown.

      Liked by 1 person

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