Perfect Timing by Jill Mansell Review

I have read a couple of Jill Mansell books and I have really enjoyed them. They are very light hearted books and I really enjoy reading these types of books.

Perfect Timing (3)

The story is about Poppy who meets a guy on her hen night, she feels that she has known him her whole life and they arrange to meet but Poppy does not go. Poppy realises that she can’t marry her fiancé. After leaving her fiancé Poppy moves to London and she moves into a house with Caspar (who is an artist) and Claudia. Poppy finds out that her dad isn’t actually her father and tries to find her real dad. The book follows what Poppy gets up to after moving to London.

I really enjoy these types of books as although the plotline can be predictable at times it is still very enjoyable to read. I find that I really connect with the characters and I want to find out what happens to them. You don’t just get a Poppy’s story, but you get to explore the other characters as well something which I really enjoyed. All the characters get a happy ending, Claudia meets the love of her life someone that she never thought she would fall for. Poppy meets her real father and she also meets Tom again and moves in with him. Despite being in love with Tom things don’t turn out too well for Poppy. Poppy does find love in the end and she gets her happily ever after.

Overall I really enjoyed this book, I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. I really enjoy reading Jill Mansell’s books as they are light hearted and usually they have a happy ending.

4 Stars

Kirsty xxx


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