April Book Haul 2015

This month I have bought quite a few books. I visited The Works which is very dangerous as they have very affordable books. They had the 3 for £5 offer on so I got 6 books for £10. They are usually £1.99 in The Works and a lot more if you bought them from anywhere else. I also picked up a few books in a charity shop which in my opinion is one of the best places to get books as they are often in great condition and are usually reasonably priced.

A Perfect Heritage (1)

The first book is one my Mum bought for me as she saw it and thought that I would really like it. It is A Perfect Heritage by Penny Vincenzi. I have never heard of this author, but this book sounds like my sort of book. It is about a shop that sells cosmetics which is decline and so the owner brings in someone to help her revive the shop, but they don’t get along. This book seems to combine my two favourite things; makeup and shopping. It scored 3.90 on Goodreads.

Devils Conssort (1)

I bought a few Anne O’Brien novels as I have read The Virgin Widow by her and I really enjoyed it. I got Devil’s Consort which is about Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine and is set in 12th Century Europe. Unlike Philippa Gregory, Anne O’Brien doesn’t seem to focus on one period of time. It scored 3.81 on Goodreads.

Kiss Me First (1)

Kiss Me First by Lottie Moggach is about Leila taking the online identity of Tess who wants to disappear. After finishing Before We Met I really wanted to read more mystery/thriller novels and this one sounded really good. It scored 3.38 on Goodreads.

Practially Perfect (1)

Katie Fforde is an author that is in my Goodreads recommendations so when I saw Practically Perfect I decided to pick it up and give it a go. This sounds like it is going to be a typical chick lit novel. Anna is an interior designer and has just bought her first house when she meets Rob. I imagine that they will end up together, but I still want to see what her books are like. It scored 3.68 on Goodreads.

The Boleyen Bride (2)

I have a few novels by Emily Purdy so when I saw The Boleyn Bride I decided to pick it up. This book is set in my favourite history period; the Tudor period. This novel focuses on Elizabeth Howard who is married to Thomas Boleyn. It scored 3.18 on Goodreads.

The Forbidden Queen (3)

I got The Forbidden Queen which is set in 1415. Katherine de Valois wants to marry King Henry V but he only wants her crown. She doesn’t know who to trust and there will be plenty of scandals It scored 3.72 on Goodreads.

The Kings Concubine (3)

Next I picked up The Kings Concubine. This one is set in 1362, the Queen selects an orphan to be the King’s mistress. Alice must get used to living at court and get used to life as the mistress of the King. It scored 3.88 on Goodreads.

The Scandolous Duchess (2)

The Scandalous Duchess is set in 1372. Lady Katherine Swynford wants a role in the household of the Duke of Lancaster but instead becomes his mistress and will soon be brought into the politics surrounding the royalty. It scored 3.69 on Goodreads.

The Silversmiths Wife (2)

The Silversmith’s Wife by Sophia Tobin is set in 1792 and is a murder mystery. The silversmith Pierre Renard is murdered and the night watchman knows that the wife is involved in some way. I thought this book sounded really good so I thought I would give it a go. It scored 3.07 on Goodreads.

Forbidden Places (1)

When I saw another Penny Vincenzi novel in a charity shop I thought I would pick it up. This one is called Forbidden Places. This book is about friendship and secrets and seems like it is going to be a good chick lit book. It scored 3.92 on Goodreads.

Kirsty xxx


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